Congratulations to Fraser Gaterell who has gone on to full time Dance education.He was offered a few places but decided on London studio Centre and started there in September.We all miss him but wish him well,he has a wonderful career ahead of him.

Last year Fraser was nominated for the International Theatre Dance Awards both in Ballet and Modern after being awarded Honours with 94 % for Advanced 1 Ballet and the same for his Modern exam aswell.

He also won the Tunbridge wells Festival Bursary award

I would like to thank him for coming back in November and Performing in the show and giving up all those weekends to rehearse with us!


Former pupil Fraser Gaterell has landed his 1st contract with the Vienna Festival Ballet and is currently touring Britain. We all wish him all the luck in the world.Fraser graduated from London Studio Centre in the summer after a 3 year degree course.

I am very proud of him and always knew he could it,he will be an inspiration to all my aspiring dancers of the future.

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