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Tunbridge Wells Dance festival 2013


Stephanie Loonie 2nd Lyrical Modern,3rd Ballet, 3rdModern,3rd Charact

Amy Loonie          4th Lyrical  Modern

Lydia Gaterell       3rd  Character and 3rd Lyrical Modern

Catherine Nimmo 3rd Lyrical Modern and 4th Modern

Issy Brown            4th Lyrical

Ruby Mae Race    2nd Modern,3rd Ballet,3rd Character, 3rd Lyrical,1st Greek

Kate Latter            3rd Ballet,4th Modern

Jessica Hook       4th Modern

Holly Hartnup       4th Lyrical

Lewis Gaterell      3rd Character  

Stephanie and Amy Loonie      4th under 21's stage duets

Lydia Gaterell and Amy Loonie   3rd under 21's Lyrical Modern

Catherine Nimmo and Stephanie Loonie  3rd under 21's Lyrical Modern

Ruby Race and Sophie Reed                   4th under 15's Classical duet

Maddie walker and Rachel key                 4th under 15's Lyrical duets

Stephanie and Amy Loonie and Lydia Gaterell  2nd under 21's stage trio

Stephanie and Amy Loonie,Lydia Gaterell and Ruby Mae Race  4th Under 21's Quartets

Ruby Mae Race, Kate Latter and Sophie Reed   3rd  12 and under Stage Trios


15 and under Stage groups    2nd

21 and under Stage groups     3rd


Well done to you all!




ORE Dance festival

Well Done to everyone who took part in Ore Dance Festival. Special Congratulations to Stephanie Loonie for winning the junior Bursary award

Stephanie Loonie 1st Ballet

Stephanie Loonie  1st Lyrical

Stephanie Loonie 1st Modern

Stephanie Loonie 1st Character

Amy Loonie 1st song and Dance

Amy Loonie 4th Character

Lydia Gaterell 2nd Character

Lydia Gaterell 4th Lyrical

Catherine Nimmo 3rd Modern

Catherine Nimmo 4th Lyrical

Issy Brown 4th Lyrical

Ruby Race 1st Ballet

Ruby Race 1st Lyrical

Ruby Race 1st Greek

Ruby Race 2nd Modern

Ruby Race 4th Character

Kate Latter 2nd Lyrical

Sophie Reed 2nd Ballet

Henry Norman 3rd Ballet

Pippa Ashlee  3rd Ballet

Madison Westwood 4th Character



Ruby -Mae Race and Sophie Reed 1st classical Duets

Stephanie Loonie and Lydia Gaterell 1st Modern Duets

Amy Loonie and Lydia Gaterell 2nd Modern duets

Catherine Nimmo and Stephanie Loonie 3rd Modern Duets

Issy Brown and Imogen Coda 4th Modern Duets


Lydia Gaterell, Stephanie Loonie,Amy Loonie 4th Stage Trios

Lydia Gaterell, Stephanie,Amy Loonie and Ruby Race 2nd Stage Quartets


'There's a place for us'  Senior Groups 1st



Tonbridge Festival 2015

16 yr +Jasmine Penfold 1st Character, 3rd Lyrical

15 yrs Ruby-Mae Race 1st Ballet, 3rd Lyrical, 3rd Character, 3rd Greek

15 yrs Jessica Hook 3rd Ballet, 3rd Character

15 yrs Megan Reeve 1st Greek

15 yrs Iris Williams 2nd Ballet, 2nd Lyrical

14 yrs Sophie Reed  1st Lyrical ,3rd Character, 3rd Ballet

10 year Henry Norman 2nd

21 and under duets Issy Brown/ Ruby Race 1st

15 and under Jessica Hook /Megan Reeve 3rd

15 and under Francesca Spiller /Stella Williams 4th

15 and under Quartets 2nd  and 3rd

15 and under Groups 1st

21 and under group 2nd

12 and under group 3rd



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