June 2012 Exam results


 Congratulations to everyone who took an Exam this session the results have come in and everyone has received fantastic marks, 51 Honour's have been awarded. Special congratulations to Ruby- Mae Race and Kate Latter who have been nominated for the International Theatre Dance Awards for their Grade 5 Ballet.This is a truly  remarkable achievment.

Also special congratulations to the pupils who received very high marks which I have listed below.

Isabella Brown Grade 6 Ballet Hons 91

Imogen Blythe Grade 6 Ballet Hons  91

Georgia Chick  Grade 6 Ballet Hons 90

Imogen Coda   Grade 6 Ballet  Hons 90

Rachel Key      Grade 6 Ballet  Hons  89

Maddie Walker Grade 6 Ballet  Hons  88

Kate Latter       Grade 5 Ballet  Hons  93

Ruby Race       Grade 5 Ballet  Hons  93

Holly Hartnup   Grade 5 Ballet  Hons  90

Jessica Hook    Grade 5 Ballet Hons  90

Sophie Reed     Grade 5 Ballet  Hons 90

Megan Reeve   Grade 5 Ballet   Hons 88

Anna Bates       Grade 2 Ballet  Hons  88

Amber Miles      Grade 2 Ballet  Hons 88

Pippa Ashlee    Primary Ballet    Hons 88

Courtney Sibson Primary Ballet  Hons 90

Ruby Race      Grade 3 ModJazz Hons 91

Kate Latter      Grade 3 ModJazz Hons 90

Sophie Reed   Grade 3 ModJazz Hons 90

Holly Hartnup  Grade 3 ModJazz Hons 88

Jessica Hook  Grade 3 ModJazz Hons 88

Megan Reeve   Grade 3 Mod JazzHons 88

Lewis Gaterell   Prep Tap  Hons 88

Max mcIlvenny Prep Tap  Hons 88

Katie Noble       Prep Tap  Hons 88

Jasmine Richardson Prep Tap  Hons 88

Kirsty Gander Bronze Medal Ballet Hons 90

Jessica Long  Bronze Medal Ballet Hons 88

Heidi Mackay Silver Medal ModJazz Hons 91

Nikki Carpenter Silver Medal ModJazz Hons 90









Exam results June 29th 2013

Congratulations to all my dancers who took their exams in June. Fantastic results overall 65 distinctions in all!

listed below are some of the highest marks achieved

Issy Brown  Grade 5 Modern  Distinction  90

Maddie Walker Grade 5 Modern Diistinction 88

Georgia Chick Grade 5 Modern Distinction 88

Imogen Coda Grade 5 Modern Distinction 88

Rachel Key   Grade 5 Modern Distinction 88

Annie Townshend Grade 5 modern Distinction 87

Ruby Race Grade 6 Ballet Distinction 90

Ruby Race Grade 4 modern Distinction 88

Sophie Reed Grade 6 Ballet Distinction 90

Sophie Reed Grade 4 Modern Distinction 88

Kate Latter Grade 6 Ballet  Distinction 88

Kate Latter Grade 4 Modern Distinction 87

Megan Reeve Grade 6 Ballet Distinction 88

Megan Reeve Grade 4 Modern Distinction 87

Jessica Hook Grade 6 Ballet Distinction 88

Francesca Spiller Grade 6 Ballet Distinction 88

Francesca Spiller Grade 3 Modern Distinction 87

Kirsty Gander Grade 6 Ballet Distinction 87

Charlotte Long Grade 4 Ballet Distinction 87

Jessica Long  Grade 4 Ballet Distinction 87

Amber Miles Grade 3 Ballet Distinction 88

Aimee Rogers Grade 3 Ballet Distinction 87

Aimee Rogers Grade 1 Modern Distinction 87

Anna Bates Grade 1 Modern Distinction 87

Samantha Brown Grade 1 Modern Distinction 87

Matilda Meakin Grade 2 Ballet Distinction 87

Matilda Meakin Primary Modern Distinction 88

Henry Norman Grade 2 Ballet  Distinction 87

Eleanor Ashlee Primary Modern  Distinction 87

Pippa Ashlee Grade 1 Ballet Distinction 87

Lewis Gaterell Grade 1 Ballet Distinction 87

Madison Westood Grade 1 Ballet Distinction 87

The 8 o'clock Divas Ronze Tap.Gill Broderick, Nikki Carpenter, Carol Filtness,Heidi Mackay and Teresa Stevens   Hons 90


Exam Results 2014

Congratulations to all my dancers who took exams in June.The results were outstanding as always.

Special Congratulations to Ruby-Mae Race for her nomination to the International Theatre  Dance Awards for Intermediate Ballet. Listed below are the highest marks achieved at this session.Graded exams are now marked Distinction, Merit and Pass and Medal exams are still Honours, H.Com, Com and Pass.

Prep Tap : Gemma Noble D 87, April Hodges  D 86, Tabitha Weekes D 86, Natasha Beesley D 85, Harriet Price D 85, Elsa Tringham-Jones D 85

Grade1 Tap:  Lottie Macro Distinction 87, Eleanor Ashlee D 86, Caitlin Beesley D 86, Matlida Meakin D 85.

Grade 3 Tap : Jessica Hook Distinction 87, Ruby-Mae Race D 86

Prelim Modern Jazz Medal :  LottieMacro H 89, Caitlin Beesley H 87, Matilda Meakin H 87, Henry Norman H 86. 

Junior Bronze Modern Jazz Medal: Stella Williams H 90, Anna Bates H 88, Samantha Brown H 88 Imogen Patient H 87, Aimee Rogers H 85

Senior Bronze Medal Modern Jazz Medal : Charlotte Gale H 89, Francesca Spiller H 89, Jazmin Hackworth H 88, Kirsty Gander H 86

Silver Modern Jazz Medal : Megan Reeve H 92, Ruby-Mae Race H 92, Sophie Reed H 90, Scarlet McCarthy H 90, Jessica Hook H 89, Iris Williams H 89, Kate Latter H 88

Intermediate Ballet: Ruby-Mae Race D 93, Imogen Coda D 90, Isabella Brown D 88, Imogen Blythe D 87

Silver Adult Tap Group  H 90


Exam results Nov 30th 2014


Listed below are the Distinctions achieved at this exam session. Special congratulations to Jessica Hook, Megan Reeve , Iris Williams and Sophie Reed for being nominated for The International Theatre Dance Awards for Intermediate Ballet. All the results were outstanding.

Primary Ballet  Eleanor Cawsey D90, Sophie Allen D88, Natasha Beesley D88,Elysia Dear D87, Sasha Paige D86, Lara Frank D85, 

Grade 1 Ballet  April Hodges D88, Harriet Price D88, Molly Talbot D88, Grace Niblock D86, Gemma Noble D86. Elsa Tringham Jones D85

Intermediate Ballet  Sophie Reed D94,Jessica Hook D93, Megan Reeve D93, Iris Williams D93, Rachel Dinnage D91, Holly Jenkins D88

Adult Bronze Ballet Group   D92 Christopher Howes Burrows, Heidi Mackay, Nikki Carpenter, Teresa Stevens, Fiona Grunwell, Sheila Williams, Sharon Chapman. Hayley Chapman, Hannah Coleman

Primary Tap Katie Noble D88,Callie Rogers D87, Madison Westwood D87,Maddie Saunders D86, Erin Shields D86, Jasmine Richardson D86, Aimee Smith D85, Amber Valentine D85

Grade 2 Tap  Anna Bates D87, Aimee Rogers ,Stella Williams D86, Imogen Patient D 85,Stephanie Mackellow D85

Grade 3 Tap  Kirsty Gander D88, Megan Jenkins D88, 

June 2015 Exam session

 Congratulations to everyone who took an exam this session, our 100% pass rate still holds and I am proud of you all. Special Congratulations to Sophie Reed , Ruby Mae Race and Stella Williams for being nominated for the International Theatre Dance awards in Manchester. Listed below are the Distinctions and Honours that were gained this session. 

Grade 2 Ballet - Madison Westwood D90, Maddie Saunders D87, Pippa Ashlee D86

Grade 3 Ballet - Henry Norman D90, Lottie Macro D87, Matilda Meakin D87,Eleanor Ashlee D86, Molly McCarthy D85

Grade 4 Ballet -  Stella Williams D92, Samantha Brown D86, Amber Miles D86,Aimee Rogers D86, 

Grade 5 Ballet - Megan Jenkins D86, Hannah Street D85

Primary Mod Jazz- Lewis Gaterell D87, Madison Westwood D86, Maddie Saunders D86, Pippa Ashlee D85, Frankie Hackworth D85

Grade 1 Mod Jazz- Robyn Loxton-Read D89, Henry Norman D88, Eleanor Ashlee D87, Lottie Macro D87, Matilda Meakin D87, Caitlin Beesley D86, Kristen Harris D8, Molly McCarthy D85Gemma ThomasD 85

Grade 3 Mod Jazz- Stella Williams D87, Samantha Brown D86 , Amber Miles D86,Aimee Rogers D86

Grade 4 Mod Jazz- Libby Ralph D89, Frankie Spiller D88,Charlotte Gale D87, Laura Gale D86, Hannah Street D86, Megan Jenkins 85

Grade 5 Mod Jazz- Sophie Reed D94,Jessica Hook D92,Ruby Mae Race D92, Iris Williams D91,Scarlet McCarthy D90  Megan Reeve D90, Charlotte Arnold D88

SIlver medal Ballet- Frankie Spiller H91, Stella Williams H91, Scarlet McCarthy H87,Kirsty Gander H86, Charlotte Arnold H85, Jazmin Hackworth H85

Gold medal Ballet - Sophie Reed H95, Jessica Hook H91, Ruby Mae Race H91, Megan Reeve H90, Iris Williams H90, Imogen Coda H88, Rachel Key H87, Issy Brown H86, Rachel Dinnage H86.

Juvenile Modern Medal -  Sophie Allen H90, Maisie Alexander H90, April Hodges H90,Molly Talbot H90, Eleanor Cawsey H88, Elsa Tringham-Jones H87, Harriet Price H86, Imogen Reed H86, Tabitha weekes H86, Sophie Bunte H85, Bella Tringham-Jones H85, Evie Munday HC83, Eryn Price HC82

Gold Modern Medal- Imogen Coda H87, Rachel Key H86



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